We specialize in total physical and cyber security solutions, including industrial grade and hazardous area certified physical and cyber security systems.

CCTV Surveillance

Complete range of Control Systems, Field Devices, Transmission Systems and Intelligent Analytics, for different applications and environment.
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Perimeter Security

Complete range of detection technologies that meet the different requirements and challenges of terrain, weather and business operations.
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IT Security

We offer the complete range of Offend, Defend, Management, Assessment and Training, to meet all IT security needs of your corporate.
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Access Control

Complete range from simple functionalities for small business setup, to high capacity and complex functionalities for multinational organizations.
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Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Open architecture that able to integrate multiple unconnected security systems, devices and alarms, for improved intelligence and security.
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Flame Detection

Our experience extends to equipping major oil and gas operators worldwide with Flame Detectors, who provide 24 hour support on these critical safety systems.
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